SoulfulofNoise is a Los Angeles based live music platform founded in 2016 by Lynisha & Xavier Henderson.  SoulfulofNoise began as a music blog ran by Lynisha Hyche.  She then joined forces with her new boyfriend Xavier Henderson and the two began organizing concerts.  As their relationship progressed the platform grew, and what started as a company ran by a new couple has evolved into a movement fueled by newlyweds.  The ‟soul” purpose of SoulfulofNoise is to provide independent artists everywhere with a place to showcase their talents, build their network, and expand their careers.  Since its inception, SoulfulofNoise has organized over 100+ concerts, music festivals, networking seminars, and community outreach events.  SoulfulofNoise looks forward to their future growth and expansion and plans to spread the euphoria that only good music can provide, one event at a time.